Attracting new skiers from Ontario with an exclusive new offer.

Bromont Sweetpass+


Launching a new exclusive product to help Bromont break into the Ontario market.

When we landed this assignment in 2013, our first job was to develop a product approach and marketing strategy to win over a new clientele. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the destination ski market, our marketing track record in Ontario, and our research- and analysis-based approach, we presented Bromont with a marketing strategy and turnkey action plan in line with market trends.

For the first year of the Bromont Sweetpass campaign in Ontario (2013), we handled everything from A to Z: brand development (including the product name), media plan, website design, social media and community management strategies, media relations, sales and representation, and all aspects of production.

Since 2013, we’ve continued to oversee the Bromont Sweetpass promotional campaign in Ontario.

In this project
Issues & challenges

Finding the right product fit for a new competitive market.

Ski Bromont showed a great deal of initiative in launching this aggressive offer in a new market. As an agency, we want to see our clients succeed, so we routinely serve as a facilitator and/or strategist. For this assignment, in addition to putting the action plan in place, we helped Bromont line up the necessary partners (tourist attractions, hotels, tourism development leaders) to craft an offer in tune with the needs of their target market.


Achieved objectives in the first year and exceeded expectations in the second.

Our contribution to the success of the Sweetpass program had a real impact in the first year and an even greater one in year two (2014–2015) when we hit our clients’ sales target. By the end of year three (2015–2016), sales had exceeded expectations.

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