At the end of 2019, Oasis once again obtained the 360-degree agency mandate for Tourisme Charlevoix and thus the chance to promote this magnificent region.

The particular context of the summer of 2020 saw the birth of a promotional campaign that was at the very least particular for a destination promotion organization. Indeed, Tourisme Charlevoix has mandated Oasis to set up an operation to relaunch tourist activities in the Charlevoix region, both for the citizens of the region and its visitors!

The angle proposed by the agency was to highlight the pioneers of the region, thus paying tribute to our deans, in a context where the latter were somewhat marginalized and left behind in the spring adventure of 2020.


This inspiring campaign unveiled the knowledge, experiences and love of the region of those who have blazed a trail and established expertise like nowhere else. A series of three videos made us discover regional treasures, but above all a rich and fascinating vision of these extraordinary ambassadors. The inspiring stories of Guy St-Onge, Yvan Desgagnés and Eudore Fortin have been viewed over 275,000 times on social media.


Breaking the isolation of our elders, by paying tribute to their journeys all filled with different and enriching histories, so that they become guides and mentors by inspiring young and old for a summer. Here is a challenge well taken up by the team!