The very last achievement on the list of Oasis as the official agency of Tourisme Laval, is an original campaign that features the upcoming Laval comedian Daphné Létourneau. The objective of this campaign is to showcase the tourist vitality of the Laval region, in an attractive but also reassuring way.

A total of 9 videos were produced and posted on social media, allowing people to live experiences that are out of the ordinary. This relevant content was therefore shared spontaneously as users discovered the many tourist attractions in the region.

 “Laval is an atypical tourist destination in Quebec. We found Daphne to be a quirky person, as vibrant as the destination brand. These capsules illustrate very well the spirit of the Laval campaigns, it is now, ”explains Hugo Galland, vice-president of creation at Oasis.

Since 2016, Oasis has worked closely with Tourisme Laval to carry out several mandates before becoming the official agency for the region. This great collaboration has seen the birth of many projects such as advertising campaigns, rich and diverse content, and a whole new regional brand image in particular.

Laval is a vibrant city, it’s urban and natural, it moves and it’s calm, Laval is accessible, it’s very close and you can find everything there. Laval is now and it shows!