In the fall of 2019, the City of Baie-Saint-Paul trusted Oasis to develop an integrated
territorial marketing strategy. This approach, punctuated by surveys, focus groups, and
consultations with citizens and the City’s business community, made it possible to develop a
new brand image that is significant and unifying for the citizens and the economic
component of the city.

Attracting new businesses and residents are among the objectives
of this current strategy.

The new “umbrella” brand has been designed to allow citizens and
businesses a creative appropriation of the latter, which characterizes them very well! Indeed,
the basic principle of the brand, focused on basic shapes and colors, allows for particularly
fragmented variations and appropriation.

Baie-Saint-Paul is getting a makeover, an image that hasn’t been redesigned for over 20
years. A breath of fresh air that brings originality, dynamism and color to a city that has